Parties Have Shifted: Put America First

The News Review has graciously invited the Douglas County GOP to participate in a public discussion with our local Democratic Party counterparts, and we most certainly appreciate the opportunity to do so. In November of last year, our Republican Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs) voted for a group of local grassroots patriots, who ran for office under the banner of “America First”, to become our new Executive Board. Members of this new Board’s Public Relations Committee are responsible for the content in this political “Guest Column”, and the views that are expressed herein certainly do not reflect the views of all Republicans in our county, state and/or nation. In fact, for the sake of future debate and discussion, we would like to make the following statement: “We stand in opposition to any Republican who supports the destruction of national or individual sovereignty as guaranteed in our United States Constitution. We also stand separate from any Republican who holds office in a manner that focuses on the accumulation of personal-wealth and/or the retention of political-power so as to thwart the will of the people. We shall here-after refer to these members of our own Party, who we consider to be domestic enemies of our Constitution, as ‘establishment Republicans’.  They are globalists who are in league with the Democratic Party, and we do not speak on their behalf.”

We would like to open the discussion with a quote from the late/great Andrew Breitbart: “Politics is downstream from culture.” Do we all agree? If so, let us also agree that our American culture has recently undergone some drastic alterations (COVID-19), and let us also agree that both major political parties have morphed significantly.

Not so long ago, the Democratic Party was “the working man’s party” … blue dogs and classical liberals… vocal-critics of the military-industrial-complex, and the sworn-enemies of corporate-greed and oligarchies. The Republican Party thrived on “trickle-down” capitalism that placed white-collar corporate America firmly in charge, while promoting a growing upper-middle-class and often disregarding the poor. There were notable differences, but compromise was possible, and the two-party system was still functional. The Democrats were always “big-government progressives”, but now they are full-blown Marxists. And although Republicans have always promoted limited-government and free-markets, Bush senior introduced the “new world order”, and along with others, opened our markets to China, while George W. led us into the multi-trillion-dollar wars in the Middle East. These Republican leaders did not put America first. They joined with Marxist Democrats and the rapidly expanding Administrative State to form what many of us call “the Uni-Party”.  Add the United Nations, along with an increasingly powerful, rapidly expanding Chinese Communist Party, and the whole cabal begins to take form. The long-term goal was a centralized, concentrated form of global-governance. The immediate goal was to destroy the United States of America as a Constitutional Republic.

And then came Trump… and the “America First Movement”!

Members of our Douglas County Republican Central Committee were recently asked if they believed the following statement: “If Donald Trump does not win the 2024 Presidential election, the United States of America, as a Constitutional Republic, will inevitably be destroyed?” The answer was a resounding “YES!” Later in the meeting, our PCPs unanimously voted to endorse Donald Trump for President in 2024. Those of us who contribute to this Guest Column will be acting as a voice for these Douglas County patriots.

We are a “populist” movement, which means we believe in participatory, self-governance via free and fair elections that reflect the will of the people. We are defenders of the Judeo-Christian Western Culture upon which this country was founded, as well as the United States Constitution (in its original intent). We are “economic nationalists” that promote the equal opportunity for prosperity of all United States citizens, as well as equal treatment under the law. We have absolutely no use for “identity politics”, and we believe that the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, and all the other amendments should be equally applied to all U.S. citizens (felons excluded). We find the two-tiered system of justice, and the weaponization of the justice system that is currently being perpetrated by the Democratic Party, to be a Marxist attempt to destroy our two-party system.

Here in Oregon, we are currently witnessing a tsunami of far-left legislation pouring out of Salem:

HB2002 would allow children to obtain contraception, receive sex-change therapies, and even receive abortions without their parents’ consent. If this bill passes, it would allow a 10-year-old to make these decisions on their own!

HB 2002A expands abortion access to minors of any age, and allows them to have an abortion without parental knowledge.

Our question is addressed to Democrat parents in Douglas County:

Would you be alright with your 10-year-old making one of these decisions without your input?

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