Precinct Committee Person

What is a Precinct Committee Person (PCP)?

ORS248.031 Precinct committeepersons as county central committee
The precinct committeepersons of the county shall constitute the county central committee of their party. The county central committee of each major political party is the highest party authority in county party matters and may adopt rules or resolutions for any matter of party government within the county which is not controlled by the laws of this state. [Formerly 248.025]

The organizational unit closest to the grass roots is the county Central Committee, consisting of the county’s Precinct Committee People (PCPs)

PCPs are elected by fellow Republicans in their precinct in even numbered years during the May Primary election. PCPs can be appointed at any time, however appointed PCPs don’t get to vote in key party elections.

PCPs are the heart of the Republican Party. They are the grassroots activists who work hard to get Republican candidates elected, to get measures on the ballot, and help pass ballot measures that reflect our Republican values. PCPs get to know candidates and the opportunity to ask them questions face to face.

What is a PCP?

Top 10 Activities of a PCP

PCP Appointment Application

Precinct Committeeman Tutorial

In even numbered years, PCPs will need to fill out a form to submit their candidacy ahead of the May election deadline. 

File your candidacy now with this form: