About the Todd Vaughn

I live in Tiller, OR and I represent YOU.

I spent my career working on crews of men responsibly harvesting timber and restoring our natural forests. I’ve personally planted more than 500,000 trees in my career because I leave things better than when I found it. I can certainly do the same with Salem.

I woke up in 1986 when the left began its attack on common sense forestry. It started with the “Endangered Species Act” that was designed to give the federal government control of our private lands. I’ve since published more than 150 editorials on environmental policy and civil rights. I founded the Responsible Forest Initiative to protect the resources of the Umpqua National Forest against Chinese Communist expansion. The Green New Deal was designed by China and deployed through the WEF to dismantle the our energy infrastructure, eliminate our natural resources and destroy our economy.

I’m running against Republican Senator David Brock-Smith because he votes with progressive Democrats from Portland. His lifetime CPAC grade is a D+. He wrote the bill to fast track the Chinese windmills in Coos Bay. He voted for tampons in elementary school boys’ bathrooms. He also voted to skyrocket the cost of property insurance in rural areas across Oregon and voted with Progressives to stop cleaning the voter rolls.

I urge you to elect me to State Senate so I can stand up to the communist corruption that controls BOTH parties at the highest level – including RINO Senator David Brock-Smith. He sold us out so, it’s time we vote him out.

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