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Douglas County Republican Central Committee Newsletter

With help from the Executive Board, the Precinct Committee Persons, and other strategic partners, we are bringing you the news of Douglas County. We hope you enjoy this compilation of information from your friendly local GOP. If you would like to contribute to future editions, please contact to submit your content.


Front Page News Local

Douglas County Election Integrity Lawsuit

Thielman v Fagan Class Action Lawsuit Updates

The Thielman v Fagan class-action lawsuit was filed by the law office of Stephen Joncus to reform election laws, not for money damages. It could be used by the Counties to help clean voter rolls, secure the ballot chain of custody and get rid of tally machines that can be hacked and maliciously programed. This case is unique, as it could greatly benefit the Defendants.

The suit was filed October 8, 2022 with the original deadline for the ‘Answer’ or ‘Motion to Dismiss’ from the Defendants set for December 15, 2022. The Defendants filed a motion to extend their response date to January 6, 2023. The extension of time allowed the Plaintiffs to amend their complaint until January 27th.The Secretary of State’s ‘Motion to Dismiss’ was filed on January 6th, and then the 12 Counties were allowed to file ‘me-too’ motions. Douglas County Counsel Paul J. Meyer, who works under the direction of the three Douglas County Commissioners, Tim Freeman, Chris Boice, and Tom Kress, was the first to file the ‘me-too’ motion.

The complaint has now been amended with over 60 additional declarations and 120 other sources of information. The filing of the amended complaint made the original ‘Motions to Dismiss’ inoperable.A few of the additional complaints filed are as follows:

“All students at the University of Oregon receive two ballots. One at the University and the other at their home address (many of whose homes were out of state). Karen Kaplan was a manager of the University of Oregon Recycling Department. She was known for her partisan nature and often displayed her American Communist Party Membership card to her student employees, friends, and co-workers on campus. Under her directive, beginning in 1998, she had separate recycling receptacles—specifically for ballots—placed in student mail areas and other high traffic places on campus. Students were encouraged to “recycle” their ballots.

“University recycling employees would go around daily prior to election day to collect the ballots. The piles of discarded ballots were then driven off campus and delivered to an SEIU office located (at the time) at the Ulano Credit Union Building in Eugene Oregon. The SEIU is a public employee union representing…


Board & Central Committee Updates


Board Meetings are generally held the first Saturday of the month unless otherwise stated. Central Committee Meetings are currently scheduled every other Month on the 4th Saturday unless otherwise stated.

Executive Board Meeting – March 4th, 12:00 pm @ DCRCC HQ

Central Committee Meeting – March 25

In January, the board unanimously passed a Declaration regarding the RNC Chair election. In February, the Central Committee passed a Resolution asking for Tracy Honl’s resignation and censure. Tracy Honl voted for Chair Ronna McDaniel to serve another term despite strong opposition from Oregon Republicans.


State Central Committee – Organizational Meeting

The Oregon Republican Party Organizational Meeting was on February 18. This is a meeting that happens every 2 years to elect the Executive Committee of the Republican Party, which includes Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. This year, 3 of the 4 positions were uncontested. There was really only an election held for Secretary as the election of the other 3 positions was simply a formality. Jo Rae Perkins was elected the Oregon Republican Party Secretary.

Also at this meeting, we heard from the National Committeeman Solomon Yue and National Committeewoman Tracy Honl. Solomon Yue urged us to fight for 2024 like it is our last chance to stop communism. He talked a bit about his life living in Communist China decades ago. He also talked about his company Republicans Overseas. Tracy Honl spoke about her service to the Republican Party for the last several years. She expressed concern over those who are upset about her choice to support Ronna McDaniel. She showed a video of Mike Lindell supporting her decision to vote for Ronna McDaniel.

Following the many speeches of the ORP, new business was opened to the Central Committee. There was a lot of conversation and debate around virtual meetings and online voting. Ultimately a motion was made to send the bylaws for virtual meetings back to the bylaws committee. I moved to amend the motion to remove the virtual option from our bylaws. Just so you know, the Organizational Meeting is the only time that you can change bylaws on the spot. My motion was found to be out of order as it changed the original motion too much. The rules chair recommended that I bring it as a second motion. There was majority support in the room for changing to in-person, same day voting, with ID for our State Central Committee.

I brought my motion to the microphone multiple times, only to be beaten by others making their own motions. I waited patiently for my turn and was at the microphone to make my motion (first in line). Another delegate grabbed the microphone and moved to adjourn the meeting. Many of the State Central Committee Delegates were tired and preferred to go home, rather than finish the new business of the Republican Party. The online votes determined the tie breaker, and the meeting was adjourned. So my motion, was never heard, nor voted on. And virtual attendance and virtual voting remains legal for Oregon Republican Party Meetings.

Remember to choose your Delegates wisely and send them with a purpose. This is your party if you want it and you choose who will represent you.

Michaela Hammerson – Vice Chair


Precinct Strategy

click picture to enlarge

Terry Noonkester and Donna Torres are our Precinct Strategy Co-Chairs. They oversee 11 Precinct Captains (made up of our Alternate Delegates and At Large Board Members).



Volunteers Needed

If you would like to be a volunteer at the headquarters, we would love to talk to you. Full day or half day shifts are available. Our cute little headquarters is run on volunteer efforts and donations. We love our volunteers who help keep the HQ welcoming, beautiful, and ready to meet fellow Republicans!



A Big Headquarters Decision


Preliminary results from the Valentine’s Day Dinner & Dance are very promising. We will be able to extend our stay at the Downtown Headquarters, if that’s what the PCPs want. We are working hard every day to come up with creative ways to raise funds and make it to our two big fundraising dinners.

The Treasurer will provide an updated report at the Board Meeting on March 4.

Contact Treasurer Tom Dole or learn more at our website.



Past Events

Valentine’s Dinner & Dance was a GREAT SUCCESS!

We had a romantic evening at the Roseburg Country Club celebrating the loves in our lives. This is the first Valentine Dinner & Dance that I have done since being the Event Coordinator in 2021.

I want to give a special thanks to Dr. Gary Moore for donating the venue for our event. Additional thanks also need to go out to the people that assisted in making this event happen: Donna Torres (Event Chair), Sheri Brady, Loretta Epp, Loretta Johnson, Michaela & Steve Hammerson, Larry & Jewel Reeves, Richard Vander Velden, Tom Dole, and John Houston.

We had the honor of welcoming our distinguished guest, Richard Burke, Executive Director of Western Liberty Network (WLN), an organization that trains activists who support limited-government how to be strong citizen advocates, campaign volunteers, and candidates for local non-partisan office. Prior to his involvement with WLN, Richard was the Oregon Grassroots Director for Americans for Prosperity.

Our Master of Ceremonies and auctioneer was our very own DCRCC Treasurer Tom Dole. We also offer special thanks to our DJ, Michael Marcy.

A BIG THANK YOU to the generous donors to our event:

  • Barb’s Flowers
  • Reustle Prayer Rock Vineyard
  • Dianna & Red Grissom (for the Fireball cakes)
  • Dance of the Dragonfly
  • Be a Trendsetter
  • Alexander’s Greek Cuisine
  • Harmony Massage

We also would like to acknowledge Jewels Reeves for the beautiful, handmade, patriotic quilt; and Todd & Patti Vaughn, for the Umpqua River Getaway vacation package.

We appreciate our Auction and Raffle attendants: Miss Umpqua Valley, Emily Redling; and candidates Lena Larcey, Sage Meyer and Kaeli Meyer, who competed for scholarships for the Miss Douglas County, Miss Umpqua Valley and Miss Douglas Teen Programs.

Elaine Lavington – Events Chair


Upcoming Events

2023 Home & Garden Show, March 3rd, 4th & 5th

Douglas County Fairgrounds, Roseburg, OR

  • 10am-7pm – Friday
  • 10am-5pm – Saturday
  • Sunday 10am to 4pm

Our Republican Booth is located in the Community Conference Hall, Space 56.

We will have a booth featuring:

  • “Get Out the Vote”
  • petitions for “School Choice” and “Open Enrollment for School”
  • Voter Integrity
  • Save our Schools
  • $5 for Freedom
  • Raffle tickets for our upcoming BBQ on June 17th at Melrose Vineyards

Repub Crawl on St. Patty’s Day

Please join us at the Republican Headquarters in Downtown Roseburg on St. Patrick’s Day! The Downtown business are opening their doors to celebrate with the Roseburg community.

We will all meet at the Headquarters where there will be an opportunity for some fun raffles (including 50/50). We will have candidates for District Offices in attendance for a night of Meeting and Greeting.

5 pm – Social Hour at the HQ

6 pm – Re-Pub Crawl Downtown


Our Annual BBQ is coming up on June 17 at Melrose Vineyards. Be on the lookout for tickets coming soon!


Education Issues

Election: School Board & Education Service Districts

Strong Conservative candidates are needed to fill all education positions. If you’re wondering if we have enough candidates, we don’t.

Please consider stepping up for one of these vacant roles (or better yet, run against a Democrat)! You do not have to be an expert to run for a position. You simply need to have a strong desire to SAVE OUR COUNTRY.

The voter guide has candidates listed by position and political affiliation. If

Education Liaisons are Moms for Liberty and Save Our Schools.


Election Integrity

The Election Integrity Group at the Douglas County Citizens Coalition will be meeting:

Tuesday, March 21 @ 5:30 pm

Journey Church, Roseburg

Board Member Abbie Malek is our liaison for DCCC and Election Integrity.


Medical Freedom


The number of legislative bills being written in both the OR Senate and House is overwhelming, which is why it’s important to communicate about bills you care about with the legislative committee members to which a bill is assigned in addition to contacting your own legislators. In the current session so far, there are two (2) bills about assisted suicide in particular which I’ve been following: HB 2279 & SB 891.


President Biden is making an agreement with the World Health Organization (WHO) which would give that body sovereignty over health policy decisions in the US, including universal health care, vaccine passports, pandemic policy and much more. According to the US Constitution, any international agreement can be signed only with the approval of two-thirds of the US Senators. The President is completely ignoring our Constitution.

Thankfully, the US House has written a bill, HR 79, which would take the USA out of the WHO. According to experts at the Heritage Foundation and other trusted think tanks, this is one of only two ways to prevent US sovereignty from being taken over by the WHO. The other way is for Congress to stop all payments to WHO, which would happen by default if this bill passes.

Read the full report from Medical Freedom Committee Chair Linda Middlekauff. Please share and take action!



Newly Elected: Representative Virgle Osborne

Our new Representative has been reaching out consistently to his constituents since session began. Please follow us on social media to engage with great Representatives like Virgle Osborne.

Lots of testimony is needed this legislative season. If you would like to testify for a local bill, please reach out to Rep Osborne. He would love for you to stop by his office to testify in person!


Oregon Citizens Lobby

At the Douglas County Republican Central Committee, we will not be using our mailing list to flood you with Legislative Alerts. It’s not that we don’t care, or that it is not important, it is that we don’t do it as well as Oregon Citizen Lobby. Sign up for Legislative Alerts today!

If you want to help stop bad bills written by Democrats (and sometimes Republicans), please sign up for legislative alerts. Testimony is as easy as posting to social media. You can be detailed or simply post “OPPOSED”. Let’s all get in the habit of posting testimony a few times per week.

Loretta Johnson is our Legislative Chair.


Social Media

You’re on social media? So are we!

We’re building a social media army to reach far and wide. We want to recruit Republicans, share information, and get feedback from every corner of Douglas County. If you post on social media regularly, you can join the Public Relations team and help us win in Oregon again.

Michaela Hammerson – Public Relations Chair



Ep. 27 – Full Tilt Election Integrity Lawsuit: All Oregon Counties Included

This is an important listen for any voter in Oregon and Douglas County.

Democrats vow to make Banana Republic the new American way as a means of squelching election integrity lawsuits nationwide, as well as any other issues they don’t care for. I am your host, Marc Thieman. Join us all this and more on the next episode of The Good Fight.

If you would like to be a guest contributor, please send us your 300-400 word piece with a photo of yourself. Email


America First Survey

We want to hear from you! What is the America First Movement and where do you stand?

We would like to know where The People stand on this important issue. America First comes from the campaign platform of President Donald J. Trump and before him, the Tea Party movement. You can read more about it in the 2017 Presidential Inaugural Address.


A Message from the Chair

Examination of the Voter Rolls by Larry Reeves

A GOP Delegate in Deschutes County asked us to make a report related to the efforts we put into understanding the voter roll here in Douglas County, so I thought it fair to share that report with our PCPs first. The idea is that by sharing what we have learned, others will learn without the time commitment of the thousands of hours put into figuring things out.

continue reading here


Thanks for reading!


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