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What exactly is a “peon”? A “peon” is an unskilled worker?

FYI… On a good year, I earn between fifty and eighty thousand dollars. On a bad year, I earn thirty to forty thousand. In this day and age, that is the poverty-zone.

My wife and I live in an 850 sq./ft. house built in 1930. We own our house which sits on 5 acres, 6 miles up the South Umpqua River from Tiller. The river cuts our property in half, and when it floods, our back porch is within “spittin’ distance” of the muddy water. We have very little savings and yet we feel completely secure. We live in a day and age when things are changing at a dizzying-rate, and yet, we are completely at peace. We are not alone!

Others like us are scattered across this great nation, and they too, are at peace. We have absolutely no financial security, and yet we are happy. How can this be?

Many of our fellow-Americans cannot begin to comprehend our existence, and yet, here we are, alive and well. The wealthiest among us think of us as “peons”. They are so wrong! Many of us have hands-on skill-sets that have great practical value, and yet, in today’s world, have very little monetary value. We are not “peons”! We are connected to physical reality in ways beyond the understanding of our “betters”, and many of us know and love our Creator. Who is skilled? Who is unskilled? Who is the ultimate judge?

These things are worth considering!


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