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Transgender swimmer Lea Thomas was booed when she took the podium as the new NCAA champion of the women’s 500 yd. freestyle event. The crowd actually cheered the second-place winner, who appeared to be dwarfed in size and muscularity as she stood beside Thomas. Thomas also dominated in the 100 yd. final at the recently held Ivy League Championships, setting yet another new record. The only people that are actually applauding Thomas’s overwhelming success are the “social justice warriors” that compose the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.

 These ideologues represent a vast minority of voters in this country and yet they are now controlling nearly every aspect of our culture and of our politics. They have put into place an incredible litany of far-left policies that now dominate our lives and baffle our minds. Even most of our own Republican leaders would rather acquiesce to this nonsense than to push back and incur the wrath of the “woke-left” who now control nearly everything… everything except us… the vast majority of American voters!

I don’t care what political party you belong to… ask yourself “does any of this make sense to me”? Is it fair to the women who sacrificed so much to reach a level of excellence in their chosen sport so as to be invited to compete in an NCAA championship, to be trounced by a biological-man? If the answer is “no”, I offer the only solution available to us… the majority. Register Republican and vote Republican… period.

At this point, there is no other way to prevent “the intentional destruction of our Constitutional Republic” by the Democrats and their counterparts in the Republican party. We must help the “America First” wing of the Republican Party, purge, and recreate the Party in the image of our beloved Constitution.


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