We are at War

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We are at war!

No… not in “the blood-lands” (Ukraine). The war in Ukraine is but a distraction… a “head-fake”. The war I speak of is escalating rapidly, right here in “the home-lands”.

 This is a war declared against our nation decades ago by the Chinese Communist Party who described it as “unrestricted warfare”. It includes an extended infiltration of, and attack on, our capital-markets, as well as the theft of intellectual-property and patented technologies worth billions. It also includes the takeover and control of our most influential cultural institutions (media, big-tech, entertainment, education, etc.), as well as all types of national infrastructure and military components that rely on satellites and computers. But perhaps most importantly, it includes control of the entire Democratic Party as well as sold-out portions of the Republican Party. This control extends into our Intelligence Agencies, our National Security Apparatus, and our “increasingly-woke” military. This war includes all-things-COVID as well as all forms of election-fraud. The CCP is an international criminal organization whose partners range from drug cartels, to supposedly-legitimate NGOs and environmental-groups, to the Vatican. Their finger-prints are simple everywhere.

When the Democrats stole the Presidency in the 2020 election, as well as the final two Senate run-off seats in Georgia, they stole complete control of our federal government. Afterwards, Chuck Schumer held a press-conference describing what his party had just accomplished, and ended it with an orgasmic declaration that “the great reset has now begun!”. At that moment, a domestic enemy (the Democrat Party) in conjunction with a foreign enemy (the CCP) clearly declared war against all forms of American sovereignty (national as well as individual).

Our Constitutional Republic is being dismantled piece by piece by a global conglomerate that functions under names like “The World Economic Forum”, “The World Health Organization”, and “The United Nations”, all of whom are controlled by the CCP (who currently wields the most powerful military in the world).


Food-shortages (BOOM), massive inflation (BOOM), collapsing dollar (BOOM), diesel shortages (BOOM), wide-open border (BOOM), capitol-market volatility (BOOM), record murder-rates (BOOM), record drug overdose deaths (BOOM), baby food shortages (BOOM), predicted COVID-surge (BOOM), exploding national-debt (BOOM), increased cyber-threats (BOOM), power-grid failures (BOOM), wide-spread supply-chain failures (BOOM) boom…




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