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A couple of days ago, the New York Times confirmed something that we all knew was true far before the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump (and his 75 to 80 million devoted supporters). Indeed, America’s leading liberal rag acknowledged that Miranda Devine, with the backing of her editors at the New York Post (our nation’s oldest newspaper), had most certainly broken what should have been the biggest story imaginable in regard to its impact on an upcoming election. They knew all along that Hunter Biden’s laptop, which had been dropped off at a repair shop and never retrieved, was definitely Hunter Biden’s, and they knew it was loaded with incriminating information that would most likely have eliminated any possibility for a Biden victory (even with the “big cheat” set to go). They knew it and so did the FBI and many others, but the majority of Americans, many of whom get their information from the legacy-media, were either completely left in the dark, or convinced that the whole story was a “conspiracy theory”, or they believed that, as Biden had declared in one of his debates with Trump, the story was “Russian disinformation”.

Recently a poll was taken that questioned only Democrat voters who had voted for Biden. The question asked was “if you had known about the level of corruption being engaged in by Joe Biden and his family, as conclusively revealed by the laptop, would you still have voted for him”? Seventeen percent of these Democrats said “no”.

As it was, the globalist Trump-haters in both parties, with partners throughout all forms of media (and throughout the world) had to go to much greater extremes than what they had intended in order to cheat Biden into office. If the “laptop from hell” story had been given the coverage that it deserved, the “big-cheat” would have simply been out-of-reach. We have apparently entered into a day and age when the only difference between a “conspiracy theory” and legitimate professional journalism, is just a matter of time… and timing is everything! 

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