The Republican Party Assault on Grassroots Participation

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Have you heard about “Precinct Strategy”? In 2017, Danial Schultz wrote the book “How to Get into the Real Ball Game of Politics Where You Live to Help President Donald J. Trump Make America Great Again”. This book has evolved into a strategy that encourages conservative voters to get involved in their local Republican Party by becoming precinct committee-persons (PCPs). Currently, within the Republican Party, the PCPs as a corporate entity, are not only foundational, but wield most of the “actual power”. This is about to change in Arizona where an “emergency bill” (HB 2839 sponsored by House Speaker Russel “Rusty” Bower) which radically alters precinct representation (section 4) was filed, passed both GOP-controlled legislative chambers, and was signed by Republican Governor Douglas A. Ducey Jr.… all on Thursday (March 3rd).

Steve Bannon’s “War Room Pandemic” has been working closely with Dan Schutz ( for over a year now, and throughout the nation, Republicans who have never been personally involved in Party politics, are signing up to become PCPs. Nearly all of these new inductees are avid supporters of Donald Trump and his “America First” policies. Four days before this “emergency legislation” was passed in Arizona, Trump announced his support for “Precinct Strategy” in the form of an official endorsement. Trump’s endorsement created an immediate surge among previously disenfranchised Republican voters, who began to fill empty PCP positions in record numbers. These PCPs elect members of the County Executive Committees (including the Chair), they elect the Chairperson for the State GOP, they elect State Electors and so much more. This is the reason that the Republican Party is called a “bottom up” organization rather than a “top down”. Apparently, that doesn’t sit well with some of the folks at the top in Arizona, and I’m afraid that it doesn’t sit well with establishment Republicans throughout the rest of the states and especially in Washington D.C. Have you noticed that Donald Trump is always in the mix when it comes to Republican Party “freakouts” these days?

It brings to mind Trump’s inaugural speech after he won the 2016 Presidential election… and shocked the world. He said “We are transferring power from Washington D.C., and giving it back to you, the people”. That is exactly what our Founding Fathers intended, and that is exactly what the founders of our Republican Party intended. So, I ask: why are Republican Party leaders on all levels, county, state and national, so often offended by this extremely foundational concept? What are they so afraid of? And what recourse do they leave for patriotic, grassroots Republicans, who support everything good about this nation.


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