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For thousands of years, human-beings relieved themselves in much the same manner as other creatures. They simply defecated wherever they were. When camped, they chose an area away from the used areas and paths. This was a universally-accepted practice. It was part of the culture of primitive-man. When cities began to develop, people generally defecated in pots and through the draught into open sewage areas, or into waterways. This was normal.

“Out-houses” became the obvious solution for humans living in the country, and every home had one (down-wind) complete with a bucket of corn-cops or, better yet, a Sears and Roebucks catalog. Outhouses (with moon on door) were part of the culture, and on nasty cold nights, many a child lay in bed dreading the dangerous journey to sweet-relief (buckets were still an option). Sears and Roebucks became legendary!

And then came the toilet. WOW. What a quantum leap! Believe it or not, it was not culturally-accepted at first. After all, why would you want to defecate in a small house while breakfast was being dished up, when the out-house worked just fine? Seriously! But guess what, exhaust-fans were added, and indoor toilets became a cultural-norm. Now… for many of us, defecating in a porta-potty is a nightmarish experience (ever had to use one at the County Fair?) GROSS!

Well… we’ve come a long way baby… or have we?

Have you been to Portland or San Francisco, or for that matter, any iconic metropolis in America that is run by Democrats? Oh, the sweet smell of CULTURAL MARXISM! That’s right, the Democrats, with their proud new brand of American Marxism, have re-introduced our society to a BLAST FROM THE PAST!

Cultural Marxism IS the “culture of defecation”, and the stench it brings is just beginning!




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