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VOL 15 ISSUE 27 

Reprinted with permission from the Roseburg Beacon News

Well, here goes…
The following subject
has been haunting me for
months, perhaps many of
you as well.
America’s 45th
President, Donald J. Trump
was without a doubt
one of the most historic
figures, and certainly the
most independent man
ever to hold that office!
By independent I mean,
he did not even have the
support of his own party, the
establishment republicans,
from day one. And the other
major party, the democrats,
were on the hunt, a seek
and destroy mission, even
before the inauguration was

Donald J. Trump
had emerged victorious
from a primary election
which started with 17 filed
candidates, and several
notables who declined
to file. Of those 17 filed
candidates, five withdrew
before the primaries:
Rick Perry, Scott Walker,
Bobby Jindal, Lindsey
Graham, and George Pataki.
The other 12 candidates
withdrew before all the state
primaries were completed,
listed here in reverse order
of withdrawal (Kasich being
the last to withdraw); John
Kasich, Ted Cruz, Marco
Rubio, Ben Carson, Jeb
Bush, Jim Gilmore, Chris
Christie, Carly Fiorina, Rick
Santorum, Rand Paul, and
Mike Huckabee.

But there were several
notables who were also very
serious contenders, fifteen
of them, who did not even
file as candidates, some
of them you’ll remember;
Michelle Bachmann,
Herman Cain, Nikki Haley,
Sarah Palin, Jim DeMint,
Ken Cuccinelli, and Allen
West to name a few.

The point being that
in the 2016 Republican
Primary election for
President there were
more than a couple dozen
very credible candidates
seeking the highest office
in the land. Many of them
Governors, U.S. Senators,
U.S. Representatives,
Ambassadors, prominent
physicians, business CEO’s
and executives, all of whom
were eminently qualified.
Most of them were fiscal
if not social conservatives.
Only four; Trump, Fiorina,
Carson, and Cain had never
held government office.

So, the vetting
process was obviously very
thorough and complete.

A Mea culpa is due at
this point; Trump was NOT
my first choice. Some of
you already know this and
can remember editorials
making that crystal clear.
Many of my friends had
already made that choice
before the convention.
But suffice it to say that
as an alternate delegate
to the 2016 Republican
National Convention
held in Cleveland, Ohio,
and after watching great
conservatives, like Phyliis
Schlafly, Tony Perkins,
Laura Ingraham, and
dozens of others give
their full, and unequivocal
endorsement, I came home
a true believer, and a 100%
Donald Trump supporter!
Not as a compromise, but
as a conviction newly born
of the convention, and of
those who I had known for
years who were totally on

On the day of Trump’s
swearing in ceremony it
was clear, this was NOT
a standard changing of
the guard in Washington,
though it was a traditional
ceremony, signifying the
peaceful (at least for a
few minutes) transition of

I don’t know if he
wrote these words, but
when the President elect
Donald J. Trump delivered
them on January 20, 2017,
outside the nation’s capital
he certainly owned them,
and they were spoken from
the heart:

“Chief Justice
Roberts, President
Carter, President Clinton,
President Bush, President
Obama, fellow Americans,
and people of the world:
thank you.

We, the citizens of
America, are now joined in
a great national effort to
rebuild our country and to
restore its promise for all of
our people.

Together, we will
determine the course of
America and the world for
years to come.
We will face
challenges. We will
confront hardships. But we
will get the job done.
Every four years,
we gather on these steps
to carry out the orderly
and peaceful transfer of
power, and we are grateful
to President Obama
and First Lady Michelle
Obama for their gracious
aid throughout this
transition. They have been

Today’s ceremony,
however, has very special
meaning. Because
today we are not merely
transferring power from
one Administration to
another, or from one party
to another – but we are
transferring power from
Washington, D.C. and
giving it back to you, the
Time for a passing of the torch…
American People.

For too long, a small
group in our nation’s
Capital has reaped the
rewards of government
while the people have borne
the cost.

Washington flourished
– but the people did not
share in its wealth.

Politicians prospered
– but the jobs left, and the
factories closed.

The establishment
protected itself, but not the
citizens of our country.

Their victories have
not been your victories;
their triumphs have not
been your triumphs; and
while they celebrated in
our nation’s Capital, there
was little to celebrate for
struggling families all
across our land.

That all changes –
starting right here, and
right now, because this
moment is your moment: it
belongs to you.

It belongs to everyone
gathered here today and
everyone watching all
across America.

This is your day. This
is your celebration.
face added for emphasis]

And it was just
blocks away, and minutes
following those remarks that
chaos erupted in the capitol.

I will leave it to you as to
who organized it, but I can
assure you that it was not
just an organic response to
an opposing political view.
And it is more than a little
ironic that now, five years
later, the J6 Committee has
great interest in who may
have organized a breach of
the U.S. Capital building.

But lest I digress, let
me bring this back to my
main point. Donald Trump,
faced incredible hurdles
starting the first hour of his
presidency. He was under
constant attack from the
opposition party, but from
his own party as well, who
had things going just about
the way they wanted for the
past several decades. And
this outsider was not about
to be allowed to mess with

The term Deep State
came into play, because
it was obvious that the
bureaucrats who survive
every election, and every
“peaceful transition of
power” because they don’t
ever stand for election,
they just slither around
the halls of government
wielding powers that were
never delegated to them,
regardless of which “party”
is at the helm.

I will not take the time
right now, to list all of the
amazing accomplishments
that President Trump
achieved, without pay,
during his first term of
office. But some of the
obvious ones are; the
lowest unemployment
figures in decades,
especially amongst Blacks
and Hispanics, the end of
ISIS, making America an
energy exporting nation
for the first time in my
recollection, moving
the capital of Israel to
Jerusalem, a promise made
by countless presidents
before him, restoring
American jobs and bringing
us closer to balanced trade
with the rest of the world,
bringing China to heel
by imposing tariffs for
the benefit of American
workers, stopping North
Korea’s Kim Jong-un from
making nuclear threats,
and restoring American’s
confidence in their
economy evidenced by the
greatest gains in the Stock
Market in our history. He
delivered on his promise
and inspired everyday
Americans to participate
in Making America Great

Looking back, who
can forget these great
achievements and so many,
many more? But in spite
of all of this, with the aid
of a worldwide pandemic,
and a completely suspect
2020, first ever, mail-in
election, the establishment,
including the Deep State
and the international
globalists, were able to
remove the one obstacle
they had to their conquest
for a New World Order.

Their deceit,
corruption and outright
lying throughout the
duration of the Trump
administration, led
to not one, but two
impeachments, with no
conviction, however. And
if that weren’t enough,
in an effort to assure he
can never interrupt their
schemes again they drum
up this J6 nonsense.

Be that as it may,
and even as obvious as
all of their deception has
been proven to be. There
is still a massive percent
of the population who
bought into it all. And chief
among the true purveyors
of falsehoods and FAKE
NEWS, is of course the
corporate press, and social
media, owned and run by a
handful of global elites.

You think Trump and
the MAGA supporters were
attacked before? Well,
you ain’t seen nothing yet.
They have never stopped,
and they never will. This
is a force of pure evil, of
spiritual wickedness, and
the battle is being waged,
as the scriptures tell us,
between principalities and
rulers of darkness of this
age. And the battle is not
only in the heavenly places,
but right here on this Earth.
Many of the players are
right in front of your very

I sincerely believe,
because of all that I have
observed, that the name
Trump will be a huge
target, and an enormous
distraction in the 2024
elections. The Trump
brand has been so severely
damaged as to create a
political deficit from the
outset. One that I don’t
believe we can overcome.
The hatred is so deep and
so vitriolic; I even know
families that the children
won’t let grandma and
grandpa see their grandkids
because they are Trump
supporters. I have spent
much time thinking on this
subject. And I know some
of you will be stressed by
this. But if you know me
and you know my heart,
it is one that seeks to keep
this republic free, and to
restore what the opposition
has destroyed of Trump’s
glorious achievements.

It is time for the torch
to pass.

And in my opinion the
man who is most prepared
to take the baton and run is
Governor Rick DeSantis.
He has proven as Governor
of one of the largest most
productive states in the
nation, that he has the same
guts and determination that
President Trump had, but
without all the baggage.
He has fought and will
continue to fight to restore
greatness to America.

With DeSantis we
as a nation can talk with
optimism about the future,
not try and defend the past.

Trump’s magnificent
place in history can never
be denied, and not just
what he sacrificed, but what
he accomplished! But I
believe now it is time for
the legacy to be passed on,
and for him to support the
next generation of patriots.

This wasn’t easy
to write, but I hope you
can trust that I, like you,
want what is best for this
country, for all of our
sakes, and especially the
sake of my five children
and thirteen grandchildren.

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