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As one nearly-certain Republican victory after another disappears before our eyes, our Constitutional Republic is disappearing as well. Many of my closest friends have already given up on any possibility for the reversal of this trend. In their minds, the Progressives that currently define the Administrative State have simply become too powerful to defeat. To put it simply, they have conceded to the inevitable decline and demise of this great nation. The driving force behind this profound pessimism is the very obvious corruption of our elections… and I GET IT! In fact, right now, I FEEL IT… and that really irritates me (to put it gently).

As the readers of the Beacon know, I have NOT been “gentle” with County Clerk Dan Loomis lately, and now that I have witnessed another “election atrocity”, I fully intend to let Mr. Loomis… and everyone else in Douglas County… “know how I really feel”!

First of all, I do not dislike Mr. Loomis personally. In fact, I think he has “a very nice way of going”, and that is a high compliment to both horses and humans, but myself and many other Republicans throughout this county that are simply not going to tolerate his continued support for ERIC, and his continued refusal to eliminate computerized vote-tallying machines, and to return to hand-counted ballots (precinct by precinct).

Recently, Dan assured a local audience that “only a small group of Douglas County Republicans have a problem with our elections”. Again, I do not agree with that statement, but here’s what I know for certain. Dan’s “small group of Douglas County Republicans that have a problem with our elections” were just elected to lead the Douglas County GOP’s Central Committee. We are the new Executive Board and we fully intend to address our local election issues.

We would like to thank all of the PCPs who showed up to vote for us… we will not disappoint!

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