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By Richard Vander Velden
Why so many Republicans have left the party and become Independents. Because these Conservatives often felt isolated and discouraged in today’s ugly political climate. It can be difficult to remain an optimist with everything the far left is doing in the world.

But if there is anything I’ve learned in my 40+ years of voting is that there are many principled conservatives in America willing to defend their values. To stay in the only party actually working for Americans and to change what I don’t like about the Republican Party from within.

I bailed on the Party for a number of years: the bickering, the arguing, the members working for themselves instead of Party goals. I came back to the party when a large number of dissatisfied members shifted the paradigm to “bottom up”, instead of “trickle down.” I came back when “America First” started making an impact and has now grown to include in its ranks almost all of those isolated, discouraged Conservatives.

Now is not the time to stay in the ineffectual Independent Party, now is the time to rejoin the Republican ranks where you can and do have a voice. Will it be perfect… NO! Conservatives have independent spirits and varying opinions… we are not the lemmings of the left.

Some feelings will get hurt, but at the end of the day working for our futures, and our children’s futures, will win out and the best decisions for everyone will win out just the way our forefathers envisioned. So, if you actually care about your future and want your vote to matter, re-register for the GOP and remove the RINOs and sycophants currently in office.

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