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Yesterday, I received a “JURY SUMMONS” from State of Oregon, County of Douglas, South Douglas District, with the warning “FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THIS SUMMONS CONSTITUTES CONTEMPT OF COURT” (all caps). I am legally forced to comply.
A few days earlier, I received an extensive “survey” titled “UNITED STATES 2022 CENSUS OF AGRICULTURE” from the USDA. Accompanying the multi-page report form was a letter containing a clear warning “Everyone who receives a census form is REQUIRED BY LAW to respond (Title 7 USC 2204(g) Public Law 105-113). Again… I am legally forced to comply!

The same “forced compliance under punishment-of-the-law” applies to: tax returns, auto insurance, seat-belts, back-ground checks for private gun-sales, Obamacare health-care coverage (no longer enforceable), and much more.

The reality of “forced compliance” is everywhere, so… why not apply it to what may be the greatest civic-duty that an American citizen has… VOTING!? I believe that VOTING IS A DUTY (not a right), and it should be treated with at least the same urgency as all of the above. Non-compliance should be “punishable under-the-law”, period… full stop.

Before you object, run this through your mind carefully

Every citizen (of legal age and status), based on their mailing-address, would receive one applicable ballot that must either be filled out and returned, or be returned “blank”. One (Id-numbered) ballot is printed and mailed out to every citizen who is a legal voter, and only these ballots are counted. Known-population data (census) will verify the approximate total-number of legal ballots to be returned in every election. When the numbers are off, we investigate fraud.

COMPULSORY VOTING should be supported and promoted IMMEDIATELY… by everyone who is working on election integrity issues throughout this nation. This solution is absolutely genius… and full-disclosure… it’s not my idea.


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