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Do you like that word? I do.

The word has “substance” and is therefore subject to “abuse.”

There are however, two forms of intoxication known to man that are beyond the limitations of substance-abuse:

LOVE is the first… and then there is POWER.

Have you ever been so in love that you feel like you are floating on air… and can’t stop grinning… or maybe even, giggling? If so, for God’s-sake get married and have lots of children! The world needs a whole lot more of “what you got.” And if it is Jesus that you just fell in love with?… again, “What God has joined together let no man put asunder.”

As for power?

Power is a much different form of intoxication… one that many of us will never fully experience, but as far as those of us who do?… WATCH OUT! This could get wild!

Power is extremely addictive. In fact, it is THE most addictive thing in the world. You see… POWER is both a “condition” and a “feeling.” POWER… is “orgasmic” (another fun word!). Once a human-being has been completely “under the influence” of power, they are never the same. Indeed, power corrupts, and as Lord Acton pointed out “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” That is why our Founding Fathers were so careful when they created the Constitution. The “separation of powers” is a concept that is driven by a deep understanding of human-nature, and that understanding is fully-displayed in this amazing document.

The globalists that seek to destroy this sovereign Nation have cunningly separated us from this indispensable form of guidance, and what we are now witnessing from those who govern us is the “debauchery” (look this one up) that results from the intoxication of unlimited power. Such is always the case… with MARXISM!

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