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It was April 13th, 1970… during the Apollo 13 spaceflight… and it all began with a dull “bang” that reverberated throughout the spacecraft. Warning lights began to flash, and although the underlying cause remained unknown, several things became clear to Mission Control and the crew on board Apollo 13. They were in trouble!

The Command and Service Module (CSM) was experiencing an electrical failure that immediately began to evolve into a cascade of life-threatening malfunctions that would require incredible teamwork, outside-the-box problem-solving, and a veritable miracle to overcome. The rest is history!

The “mission” known as “America First” is currently experiencing a very similar situation. All of us “on board” have heard it… a dull “bang”, and together we are coming to the very same desperate conclusion… HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM!

The Republican Party is our spacecraft, and the “Command and Service Module” (the “Party-establishment and its leadership), has become a liability to the mission (and to our survival). The problem is “systemic”, and the effects are being felt at all levels of the organization, from top to bottom. For the America First Movement to survive… and overcome, we will need all of the same dynamics that were needed to save the Apollo 13 mission: incredible teamwork, outside-the-box problem-solving, and a veritable miracle. We also need new leadership! Ronna McDaniel … and many more… have got to be “relieved of duty”.

The Douglas County GOP Central Committee has just elected a new “America First” Executive Board and we need every single “America First Republican” in this county to work with us, and to financially support us. Our “mission” is at risk, and we are telling all of you at mission control “Houston… we have a problem!”.


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