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The nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court has given everyone across the political-spectrum an opportunity to understand the extent to which this administration is willing to go in order to destroy all semblance of Judeo-Christian morality from our justice-system. The leftists behind this assault have intentionally withheld documents containing thousands of pages of evidence pertaining to Jackson’s extensive efforts to shorten sentencing-recommendations for pedophiles who trade in child-pornography (videos of child rape). Her consistent history of ignoring recommendations from prosecutors and parole-officers have resulted in ridiculously short prison-stays for virtually every offender (some repeat) that has stood before her in a court of law. She is a disgrace to justice, and should be unequivocally rejected by all. Currently the Senate is evenly split on this confirmation… which appears to be likely. What are we witnessing?

The Apostle Paul offers a clear explanation in Romans Chapter one, verses 18 thru 32. These Scriptures are probably more responsible for modern America’s widespread rejection of Christianity than any others (feel free to refresh your memory). They detail a typical social-transition away from a normal (or “natural”) experience of human-sexuality, to a form of depravity that embraces every imaginable form of sexual-perversity that could originate in a debased mind, devoid of God. This includes child-pornography, pedophilia, and baby-raping (seriously!). Paul ends by saying that these folks, “knowing the righteousness of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but also approve of those who practice them”.

Just as we have been forced to accept (and are now saturated with) LGBTQ etc., etc., so we are now being forced to “turn a blind eye” to the sexual-assault of our nation’s children… all in the name of justice?… and love?!



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