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Douglas County Central Committee:
Conservatives seem to be under constant bombardment of unending threats to our constitutional republic. It is becoming less and less possible for a concerned citizen to keep up with it all: a constant flow of unconstitutional bills pouring out of congress; innumerable freedom-killing bills constantly flowing out of the state legislature; numerous methods of election fraud; and much more treachery and graft coming out of bureaucracies, the deep state and international globalism. How can such a flood of muck be addressed by an ordinary citizen?
Henry David Thoreau famously wrote: “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” This is how we must look upon the political onslaught that we are experiencing. We must ensure that, despite there being hundreds – perhaps thousands of leaves that could be constantly distracting us, we need to make sure that our focus is that of hacking at the roots, those issues that will choke our republic the gravest and the fastest.

I am impressed that the America First leadership in Douglas County is attacking some of these vital roots. Even the roots, without the numerous distracting leaves, are overwhelming. I encourage this leadership to be sure we are always attacking not just roots, but the most important roots; being sure that we are not just doing good or better, but that we are always doing that which is best and most important. I am afraid that if we fail to always be doing that which is best, we will lose the American republic and the God-inspired Constitution that was purchased with the blood of our ancestors.

I encourage the Douglas County Central Committee to be unified in its choice of what roots deserve our greatest attention. In, perhaps, opening a renewed conversation on this subject, I would like to offer my own suggestion as to some of the most important roots at which we should be hacking, some of which are already being well-addressed by the central committee:
1.      Voter fraud (voter registration, voting machines, etc)
Need: Public education, letter writing (to editors, elected officials), etc
2.      The liberal-controlled public education system
Need: eg Save Our Schools; support orgs like Turning Point USA (Charlie Kirk) and Young Americans Foundation and Leadership Institute
3.      Ignoring the Constitution
Need: Constitution classes, flooding elected officials w emails re: unconstitutional bills, issues
4.      Apathy
5.      Historically weak grass-roots efforts
Need: Effective training with specific calls to action; fully active involvement of PCPs. I will fully function as a PCP when I am assigned thoughtful actions and tools.
Just my thoughts. I hope it is helpful in some way.        Sincerely,      Tim Juett

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