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We are watching an American legend in the making! Donald J. Trump was created for a time such as this, and I am so glad to announce that on Saturday, March 25th, the Douglas County Republican Central Committee voted unanimously to give our full-throated endorsement to the man… THE LEGEND… Donald J. Trump as our candidate for President in 2024.

The indictment is coming!

If they can do these things to Donald Trump, they can do these things to us… AND THEY WILL.

Americans of every political persuasion should be watching this display of political persecution in complete disgust. The rule of law is being shredded before our eyes. These people will do anything to hold power… to expand power, and they will clearly do anything… EVERYTHING… that they need to do to prevent Trump from winning in 2024. We are witnessing our Constitutional Republic being converted into a Banana Republic, and the 2024 Presidential election is a “make or break” for the globalists that fully intend to destroy this sovereign Nation-State.

NOW is the time to get involved.

The Douglas County GOP is currently coalescing into a unified family of energized Patriots who are going to fight the evil that is coming upon us with every fiber of our being. We need YOU to join us!

We need you to become a Republican if you are currently a Democrat or unaffiliated. We need you to become a PCP if you have been a Republican for 6 months or more. Please consider joining the local “America First Movement” that we represent. Together we can become legendary. Together we can become HEROES in the eyes of future generations.

Donald Trump… along with all of us… was created for a time such as this!

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