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Dan Loomis had a very important article on page 2 in the Beacon last week in which he stated “There is some election misinformation suggesting that voters delay casting their ballots until election day. This is not helpful to the voter, nor the election workers”. At the end of the article, you will find an EDITOR’S NOTE. It states that Loomis’s position that election day submission of ballots is “not helpful to the voter”, IS FALSE! God bless the Beacon!

If the “election workers” overseeing this process are disturbed by “gameday voting”, you have got to ask yourself “what’s happening?”. Dan Loomis is the “chief over-seer” of our elections, and it’s Dan Loomis who is spreading “false statements” in regard to the benefit that this strategy offers to those of us who have legitimate concerns about election integrity in Douglas County. Indeed, this is the same Dan Loomis (current County Clerk) that demanded FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS from our Douglas County Election Group to have access to the ballot images (public information) from the stolen 2020 election. And this is the very same Dan Loomis who has vehemently impeded our efforts to get an initiative on the ballot that eliminates the computerized vote-tallying machines and returns hand-counting to Douglas County.

These computerized machines are the key to the proven election-fraud taking place throughout our nation, and the people that use the machines to cheat rely on algorithms that adjust themselves throughout the process of early voting. That is why game-day voting is so important (helpful to the voter), and that is why we should be asking ourselves “Why is Dan Loomis LYING to us?”.

Dan Loomis is an elected official, elected by the voters of Douglas County to SERVE the voters of Douglas County. I believe that we need to UNELECT Dan Loomis… if we can beat the machines that he insists upon keeping! GAMEDAY VOTING!

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