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 Soros-backed, Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg recently signaled his intent to indict Donald Trump on felony campaign finance charges connected to the Stormy Daniels story. Although this case has already been prosecuted (including in the court of public opinion), Bragg has reinvented legal contortionism by converting a state misdemeanor (which has long-passed the statute of limitations) into a state felony by illegitimately applying a federal felony statute pertaining to the misuse of campaign-funds. This effort is the fulfillment of Bragg’s own campaign promise to “get Trump.” Talk about the weaponization of the legal system… and yes, Republican Representatives (including Jim Jordan) who sit on the House’s new Committee to investigate this very sort of thing, have already subpoenaed Bragg.

The Trump-hating Democrats (along with their buddy’s, the “never-Trump Republicans”) have once again overplayed their hand… and given Donald Trump “the gift that keeps on giving.”

And speaking of “never-Trump Republicans”… You know, like Carl Rove and Paul Ryan, along with the Billionaire donors who hate MAGA and have thrown their support toward Ron DeSantis… Well, it appears that they have been coaching Ron on how to respond to Bragg’s recent attempt to “get Trump.”

Today (Monday), DeSantis finally made a statement. He said he “wouldn’t get involved in any way” and criticized Bragg’s weaponization of the law. 

AND THEN…  RON BLEW IT! He added a canned line… “Bragg chooses to go back many years ago, to try to use something about porn star hush money payments”.

Soon after, Trump himself weighed in by citing unverified accusations about DeSantis during his high-school teaching days, and issuing a threat to the Florida Governor, saying “Ron DeSantis will probably find out about FALSE ACCUSATIONS and FAKE STORIES sometime in the future.”

Ron's hands immediately began to shrink… and Trump's poll-numbers immediately began to swell!




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