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Together, members of both major political parties have come to a significant inflection-point in the history of our Constitutional Republic… because that is what the United States of America is… a Constitutional Republic based on the “rule of law” and “equal justice under the law.” And although our declared form of self-governance is dependent on a democratic election process, we are NOT a Democracy. Our Democrat counter-parts need to remember this when they attempt to take away our “freedom of speech and religion”, and/or our “right to own and bear arms” which “shall not be infringed” (for good reasons). Again… this nation-state is NOT a Democracy. Nor shall it ever be!

The Democrats that control our beloved State of Oregon would do well to remember this. Much of what the current session of our State Legislature is producing is unconstitutional, and although the Democrats have the votes to pass these unconstitutional laws, they are not justified. And just because a group of partisan lawyers called “Oregon’s Legislative Counsel” have the power to declare the constitutionality of these proposed laws, their skewed assessment does not make it true. History itself will harshly judge the enemies of our Constitution, both foreign and domestic… and the Douglas County GOP believes that “Judgement Day” is coming.

Many of our counterparts in the Democratic Party believe that “Judgement Day” for Donald J. Trump is already here, and they are gleefully celebrating. To them we say “every dog has his day” therefore, enjoy it while you can. The Bolsheviks in the Soviet Union were certainly enjoying themselves when Lavrentiy Beria, the most ruthless secret police chief in the KGB, laughingly exclaimed to Stalin “show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime!”

Indeed, we are forced to ask ourselves… has the Democratic Party become the New American Bolshevik Party? What has happened to this once-great political organization? Where are the classical Liberals that gave the Democratic Party an element of undeniable legitimacy for so many years? Is Alan Dershowitz the only one remaining who has the integrity to speak out against his own Party’s disgusting disregard for “the rule of law”? Is there no respect left within this Party for CIVIL RIGHTS and CIVIL LIBERTIES? Apparently, NOT! The Rubicon has been crossed, and America will never be the same!

We are now entering a new phase in what many Republicans believe to be the intentional destruction of our Constitutional Republic by a Democratic Party that claims to love democracy while pointing us towards tyranny. In our minds, a Donald Trump victory in 2024 is the only hope that remains for this “great experiment” of God-given self-governance, freedom, and human-dignity. In their minds, a Donald Trump victory in 2024 is the one thing which must be prevented… at any cost… including full-blown election interference. The suppression of the “Hunter laptop story” leading up to the 2020 election was a shameless assault on election integrity. The current weaponization of the Justice System against Donald Trump is an even worse form of election interference. Where does it end?

Why are the Democrats who currently control this “democracy” so afraid to allow the American people to choose our leaders, free of interference?





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