$5 for Freedom

What can you do to make a difference in Douglas County, the State of Oregon, and the Country? See our Chair's plan below.

What is $5 for Freedom?

What can be accomplished with $5 per month and your email address?

Our $5 For Freedom is an innovative and simple integration of fundraising coupled with building a large donor base to accomplish goals our Republican party must accomplish to win elections.

First off, let me do the math for our fundraising goal:

There are approximately 33,000 Republicans in Douglas County. But if you look at how the population votes, you will see that there is well over 60,000 conservative thinking people in the county. Let’s just say that we get one out of three of those conservatives to participate with us in the $5 For Freedom strategy. 1out of 3 of 60,000 is 20,000 people X $5 = $100,000.00 per month X 12 months = $1,200,000.00 annually. This would make Douglas County the most influential County Republican party in the state from a financial standpoint) but even more importantly, with 20,000 members, we would have an army to accomplish great things.

When you sign up for this program, we will not use your email to solicit any more money from you. We will not sell your email address or give it away to anyone. We will only use it to provide you with information on what we are doing to accomplish our goals.

Now to our goals:


We must win back the hearts and minds of our children by providing the TRUTH in our schools. We lost our influence in education decades ago and it is the key to winning our state and country back.

How do we do that?

For years, well-meaning people have been attending school Board meetings and voicing their opinion with little to no positive result. The strategy that we are proposing is different. We have formed a committee to recruit people to attend school Board meetings in every school district in Douglas County….not to disrupt or even try to influence those meetings in any way. We simply want to identify the progressive left Board members who are on the school Boards. With your $5 For Freedom monthly donation, we will recruit CONSERVATIVE school Board candidates to run against and replace the progressive left Board members.

We will vet the candidates, train them, and purchase and place signs in every volunteer’s yard. School Board members are often elected by who has their sign in the most front yards. When election day arrives, our candidates are certain to be elected.

This strategy will be ongoing. We want to influence school districts to provide civics classes to educate our children on the Constitution, how our representative government works, understanding their civil rights, the Bill of Rights, free speech, how the checks and balance system works and why our country was formed in the first place. If we arm our children with the TRUTH, they will set themselves free and future generations. It won’t be our goal to make them Democrats or Republicans but to simply arm them with the TRUTH.


Previously, we have been very successful at identifying right leaning citizens who had not voted on a consistent basis in prior elections. To convey a personal outreach to these constituents, we hand addressed 1750 letters to those residing in a particular Senate district. (We still all open any hand addressed envelops) It was later determined that 82% of those constituents, who received the hand addressed mailings, voted in that election. This was a major factor in winning the seat for that election.

And now, for the upcoming 2022 Mid-term election and beyond, this is what we are planning to do in Congressional District 4. We will need many volunteers for this outreach. Those who commit to $5 For Freedom will be helping us accomplice this goal.

How are we going to impassion people to commit to $5 For Freedom each month?

1. We will have our County Chairman and others explain the program to various groups.

2. We will purchase thousands of business cards that will display our party website and a #5DollarsForFreedom hashtag.

Our strategy will win and we will be dedicated to making it happen. We are the difference!

Business cards will be made available to give to your family and friends, our churches, civic groups of all types, and anyone who you think is a possible friend for the fight for freedom and to save our state and country.

This is an effort you can be involved in as much or as little as you wish.

Whatever you do, get involved!!

For our Freedom and Children,

Dick Heard

Former Douglas County Republican Chairman

Sponsored by PAC #307.